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Staff Augmentation / Team-as-a-Service


Team-as-a-Service (TaaS) is an alternative way to managing your development and support teams.

Both the operational and projects teams need the right expertise at the right time, but not necessarily all the time. TaaS enables you to bring in the right expertise at the right time and for the right amount of time, to match your current requirements.


  • TaaS frees more time, resources, and perhaps most importantly, the expertise to focus on your strategic projects that can transform your business.
  • The importance of agility in today’s fast-moving global marketplace can’t be overstated, and it’s not always advantageous to rely on your permanent employees to cover every opportunity that arises.
  • Keeping a core group of permanent employees who can maintain a reasonable work-life balance and then bringing in extra people to meet an intense short-term demand is far more functional. This approach allows you to draw on skill sets you don’t currently have in-house, without the expense of new permanent hires.


BDI has successfully deployed multi-disciplined teams on-site to work alongside customer’s teams. Our highly experienced team comprises Data Engineers, Data Scientists and DevOps professionals who accelerate your initiatives, de-risk projects and perform knowledge transfer to internal teams.

BDI Professional Services are experienced in solution design, implementation, systems migrations, greenfield implementations and emergency interventions. BDI has a presence in Europe and Asia providing skilled global resources at highly competitive rates


Our Staff Augmentation service provides a team of experts, onshore and nearshore, as needed. With our best practices and a proven approach, we will help you to empower your complex big data infrastructure and drive value from data analytics, while also maintaining and managing your entire big data ecosystem.

With years of experience at leading companies, our Staff Augmentation services offers numerous benefits:

  • Business alignment: data engineering skills to match your needs
  • Analytics expertise: machine learning, search and analytics experience to drive innovation and greater efficiencies
  • Programming capability: statistical programming, keeping your big data program up to date and relevant

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