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Customer 360


Improve your customer experience

A 360 degree customer view is a holistic approach that allows you to see all meaningful information about every one of your customers.

Achieving a 360 view will allow you to drive more targeted engagement, improve customer service and achieve long term customer loyalty.


  • Reduce costs by providing a single source of clean, integrated customer data
  • Reduce time-to-market, with new products and services, by providing an accurate view of the customer’s buying patterns and product service bundles
  • Understand the customer’s opinion about the company’s products and services, and interaction with the firm
  • Improve every interaction with access to information and insight-driven recommendations
  • Deepen relationships and remains relevant to the customer
  • Compile a customer feed to accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns, as well as allow product development teams to determine customer buying patterns through analytics
  • Provide personal and proactive customer service and identify the most profitable customer segments. In addition, sales management can set up analytics to measure sales force effectiveness
  • Measure the effectiveness of customer service staff. Segmentation data can be used to identify the most valuable customers and establish a customized plan based on a range of parameters
  • Increase customer satisfaction, resulting in lower churn and increased profit margins


Each client will have a different landscape, but with the introduction of big data technology alongside your existing architecture we can provide a platform to allow you to ingest diverse data for both unstructured and traditional data sources, extending the 360-degree view to external and internal customer-related data. The platform can scale as the business grows, enabling routing of governed blended, time-sensitive streams of data to be distributed to customer-facing teams – in real-time. Empowering users to make more productive and profitable decisions.

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With extensive expertise across databases and the big data ecosystem, BDI can develop, implement and support your customer 360 solution:

  • Assess – the optimum customer 360 strategy for your organisation
  • Design – the optimum customer 360 solution
  • Implement – cloud or on-premises
  • Data ingestion and integration
  • Managed Services and Support

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