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User Behaviour Analytics


60% of all attacks have been carried out by insiders. Of these attacks, three-quarters involved malicious intent, and one-quarter involved inadvertent actors.

“Hackers are no longer breaking in through back doors which may trigger alarms. Today they are stealing the keys of authorised users and walking right through the front door.”


User behaviour analytics (“UBA”) as defined by Gartner, is a cybersecurity process about detection of insider threats, targeted attacks, and financial fraud. UBA solutions look at patterns of human behaviour, and then apply algorithms and statistical analysis to detect meaningful anomalies from those patterns—anomalies that indicate potential threats.  Instead of tracking devices or security events, UBA tracks a system’s users. Big Data platforms like Apache Hadoop are increasing UBA functionality by allowing them to analyse petabytes worth of data to detect insider threats and advanced persistent threats.


Snypr™ is a security analytics platform that transforms big data into actionable security intelligence.

It delivers the proven power of securonix analytics with the speed, scale, and affordable, long-term storage of hadoop in a single, out-of-the box solution.


BDI security analytics runs SNYPR natively on Hadoop. It delivers threat prevention, prediction and detection capabilities along with the long-term big data retention of Hadoop. It can be purchased in a prepackaged bundle that includes any Hadoop distribution, or can be deployed on your organisation’s pre-existing Hadoop clusters.

SNYPR architecture copy

Distributed real-time analytics


Security and network devices can generate billions of events every day. Deriving value from that data has been a major challenge for large enterprises. Leveraging Hadoop’s distributed and scalable nature, SNYPR can perform distributed, in-line data enrichment and real-time anomaly detection to identify the most advanced threats that would traditionally go unnoticed.

Interactive forensics investigation


In addition to the drag-and-drop link analysis technique available with the Securonix Enterprise technology, SNYPR introduces Spotter, a blazing-fast, natural language search engine that gives investigators all the tools needed to investigate today’s threats and track advanced persistent threats over long periods of time, with all data available at all times.

Data security &


All machine data ingested, processed, and analysed by SNYPR is automatically replicated across Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data nodes to provide fault tolerance.

There is no concept of data archiving with SNYPR, all enriched data processed and analysed by SNYPR is always available for analysis and  investigation.

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